Budget-Friendly Ways to Rekindle Your Passion for Yoga

Forward Fold Yoga - Rekindle Your Passion for Yoga

Author: Lance Cody-Valdez (free-lance-now.com)

Looking for ways to shake up your regular yoga practice? When you’ve been doing yoga for a while, the same old routines and poses can start to lose their novelty. Fortunately, there are several great ways to make your practice feel fresh and fun again—without spending boatloads of money on fancy yoga retreats or specialty classes. From Terra Active, here are some tips and tools to help you elevate your practice and renew your passion for yoga.

Incorporate Yoga Props

Yoga props are not just for beginners. In fact, many experienced yogis use props to deepen their stretches and challenge their muscles in new ways. You can also use props to safely try out poses that require reaching, bending, or balancing beyond your capabilities. For example, yoga straps are excellent for extending your reach in dancer’s pose and reclining leg stretch. Certain props, such as bolsters and blocks, are also useful for restorative yoga sequences.

You can save money on a lot of yoga supplies and props by shopping affordable and gently used items on e-commerce websites like eBay. Whether you’re looking for something simple like a set of yoga blocks or something a little more adventurous like an aerial yoga swing, you’ll find plenty of budget-friendly options online.


Yoga is known globally for helping you find your inner center. But you can take this to the next level by incorporating healing sounds. Holographic sound healing can, among other things, activate your energy field and find the balance that you need. It’s also important to keep your meditation space neat and tidy; clutter can often lead to a steady increase in anxiety and stress, so take steps to ensure it stays nice and organized.

Try New Types of Yoga

Another great way to shake up your yoga routine is to experiment with new types of yoga, like Ashtanga and Kundalini. Women’s Health recommends trying hot yoga if you want to really challenge your body and get your blood pumping. Just make sure you keep your phone safe from moisture in that humid yoga studio! A good waterproof case, like a LifeProof case, is essential for protecting those delicate internal components from water spills and sweat without limiting access to all of your phone’s buttons and ports. In the end, you’ll save a lot of money on pricey phone repairs.

Set Goals for Your Practice

Working toward a goal can be motivating and exciting, especially if you track your progress with fun smartphone apps. For example, Metta Yoga recommends focussing on your least flexible body part for one month or trying to master a new pose every week. Set some goals that will make you feel motivated and inspired. Try yoga apps like Daily Yoga and Find What Feels Good for programs and courses that can help you progress toward your weekly or monthly goals. Instructional yoga apps will also help you save money on yoga classes!

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

It’s easy to make comparisons between ourselves and the people around us when practicing yoga in a studio. This can happen to new and seasoned yogis alike! But if you’re focused on other people or negative thoughts about yourself, your beneficial practice will quickly derail into a frustrating experience. In class, try focusing on your breath and maintaining a fixed gazing point with your eyes. If you find it too difficult to be mindful during a yoga class, consider taking your practice home. Many people feel more comfortable doing yoga in the comfort of home—and it’s completely free!

Practice for Just Seven Minutes 

Struggling to prioritize time on the mat? Give yourself permission to practice for just seven minutes a day. Everyone has seven minutes to spare! Run through a few of your favorite poses or look up a short sequence to follow online. This is a fantastic way to relax and revitalize your body at any point in the day. Once you get going, you might just find the inspiration and motivation to continue your yoga session a little longer.

Remember, yoga is a personal practice. Everyone gets something a little different out of their time on the mat, so techniques and tools that work for some people may not be the best fit for others. Don’t give up on your practice just because you dislike a popular style of yoga or you can’t get the hang of props. Keep exploring and trying new things until yoga feels fun and exciting again!

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